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GROWSTAR Newest H-LZB2 2000W LED Grow Light

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Grow Lights of H-LZB series with Full spectrum 3500K, 5000K, 660nm Red, 730nm IR and SAMSUNG Diodes is very suitable for all stages of indoor growth, providing like sun quality full spectrum for rapid plant response from seed to flower. Our company use the newest SAMSUNG LM301 Diodes Technology and Meanwell Driver to provide a high PAR output, and boast the market-leading efficiency 2.7 µmol/J. Cost-effective growing lamp with flexible dimmer, aluminum heat-sink, no-fan no-noise design, and highest quality removable Meanwell Driver equally unmatched performance in heat dispersing & lifespan! Otherwise, the plant grow light uses advanced waterproof (IP65) power supply which is installed outside of the light so that it can be easily replaced.

This series is designed for personal growing, which is suitable for indoor grow tent, room corner cabinet, closet and shelves. Design of wide panel makes the light distribution more even, ensuring that each the plants in each corner all get the same photons, the same specific light intensity. Also getting higher energy efficiency, and higher output than other brands of the same type of grow lights.

Mode H-LZB2
Input Voltage 100-277VAC
Power Draw 220±5 %W
Full Spectrum White,660nm, 730nm
Numbers of Diodes 468PCS
LED Didoes& Driver Brand Sumsung& Meanwell
PPFD value hang at 12" 145 umol/m²s
Efficiency 2.7umol/J
Waterproof IP65
Max Yield 2.5g/watt
Veg Footprint 4 x 4 ft
Flower Footprint 3 x 3 ft
HPS Replacement 2000 watt
Advantage No fan, no noise, IP65 waterproof,  from seed sowing to suitable for the growth, germination, flowering and fruiting of various plants.
Daisy Chain & Dimmer 
Foldable x
Product Size(unfold) 300*450*55mm
Product Size(fold) 300*450*55mm
Package Size(1pcs) 515cm L * 480 cm W * 380 cm H
Net Weight 3.25KG
Gross Weight  16KG
Lifespan 50000hrs
Heatsink Aluminium
Warranty 5 years 


What's in the box:

  1x LED Quantum Board

  1x Hanging Kits With Carabiner

  1x Adjustable Rope Hanger

  1x Dimmer

  1x Power Cord (US Standard)