Payment & Shipment


  1. What payment method do you accept?

        -We accept PayPal

  1. How can I pay with my credit card or debit cards? Not via PayPal?

        -Steps to click: “check out with PayPal”- ”pay with debit or credit card”. Don’t need to create a PayPal account, then you can use your cards to pay.

  1. What should I do if I cannot check out successfully?

        -Contact us at or online chat, we’re always here to help.

  1. Why do you have different extra “shipping costs”on the selection?

        -The extra cost does not refer to the freight. It is cost differences for different countries, which contain shipping costs, storage costs, and labor costs, etc, especially for European and UK regions, we need to pay VAT as well.


  1. How many days can I get my package after placing the order?

        -Shipment can be arranged within 1 business day. Usually 3-8 working days as shipping time when the item is in stock.

  1. How do I track my package?

        -You can check your account if you register on our website. We’ll also send a tracking number email to your email when the shipment is done. 

  1. If my package shows delivered but I did not receive it, what should I do?

        -Please contact ASAP. Our service team will offer you steps and solutions.

  1. Do you ship to countries where you don’t have a warehouse?

        -We will ship from factory in China with extra shipping cost for those countries we don't have a warehouse in. There will be import tax taken by local customs, please notice.

  1. How do I cancel/change my order?

        -If you have not paid your order, you may log into your account and simply click the cancel button to cancel it directly. If paid, please contact ASAP. Once your order has shipped, we cannot cancel/change for you.

  1. How do I know my order status?

        -Log into your account to check your order status. There’s 4 status: “Processing”, “pending”, “complete”, “closed”.

  1. What is your warranty? What can I do if my light has a problem?

        -We have a 5-year warranty(1st year free,2-5 year limited), and 5 warranty centers in the United States and Canada. Check our warranty page for more details. If you have a product issue, please contact, we’ll support you.

  1. The product is great, but I changed my mind. How do I return an unopened package?

        -We accept returns within 30 days upon the arrival. Details check our return page. If you want to return an unopened package, please contact for the following steps.