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GROWSTAR Newest MN-W3000 LED Grow Light Bar

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    About this item

    • MAXIMIZE YIELDS & CROP QUALITY: MN-W3000 grow light with Samsung LM301B & SMD Diodes and MEANWELL Driver, boasts the market-leading efficiency of 2.7 µmol/J, Max 2.5g yield per wattage with 30% higher Average PPFD, 50% increase in yield & quality compared with other same type lights. Only consumes 220W, perfectly cover 3x3ft (personal), 2.5x2.5ft (commercial) grow space.
    • DIMMABLE DESIGN & 24 HOURS TIMMER: 3x3 Led grow light is equipped with a box-type controller for convenient dimming, the brightness can be adjusted from 0% to 100%. At the same time, we also provide a 24-hour plug-in mechanical timer and you do not need to buy a separate timer.
    • FULL SPECTRUM IR & DAISY CHAIN: With Yield Max spectrum (3000k, 5000k, 660nm Red, 740nm IR LEDs). The daisy-chain function allows you to connect up to 20PCS lights at the same time Dimming and timing multiple lights. Widely applied in commercial growing (horizontal and vertical), home grows (grow box and tents), greenhouse cultivation, hydroponics, and so on.
    • SUPERIOR HEAT DISSIPATION: New design quickly heat dispersing material aluminum together with 4 slim cooled bars and Meanwell Driver, create less heat, use 50% less energy than other old plant lights! The whole plant grows light is Waterproof. No need to worry about the humid planting environment.
    • FLEXIBLE FOLDING & WARRANTY: Led grow light can be folded up 180°, installed, and moved easily. 3 full years warranty plus 30 days money-back guarantee, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us,100% Satisfactory Solution Guaranteed!!!


    Product Description



    MN-W3000 MN-W4500 MN-W6500
    Multi-Bar Design 4-Bar 6-Bar 8-Bar
    Power Draw 220W±5%@AC100-277V 350W±5%@AC100-277V  460W±5%@AC100-277V
    LED Diodes SAMSUNG LM301B&SMD Diodes (576PCS) SAMSUNG LM301B&SMD Diodes (864PCS) SAMSUNG LM301B&SMD Diodes (1152PCS)
    Efficiency 2.70 umol/J 2.70 umol/J 2.70 umol/J
    Max Yield 2.5g/W 2.5g/W 2.5g/W
    Daisy Chain MN-W series supports to connect each other, up to 20 lights MN-W series supports to connect each other, up to 20 lights MN-W series supports to connect each other, up to 20 lights
    Footprint Personal Flower: 3x3FT/Commercial Flower: 2.5x2.5FT Personal Flower: 4x4FT/Commercial Flower: 3.5x3.5FT Personal Flower: 5x5FT/Commercial Flower: 4.5x4.5FT