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GROWSTAR Reflector-Series 600W Cree COB Led Grow Light

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Grow Lights of S series with CREE COB and IR, full-spectrum plant lights, wavelength 380-780nm, compared with traditional plant lights, more energy-saving, providing more lights for plant's flowering and fruiting stages, which can also help you plants get the best yields. Red light is conducive to flowering and fruit, and blue light is conducive to the growth of plant stems and leaves. This light is very simple to be installed and extremely sturdy. It is built with fans to ensure that it doesn't overheat and it comes with hooks and a strong, adjustable cord so that you can choose what the height of the light is. It can also be directly plugged into the power socket (100-240VAC), and the control On/Off is simple!

Our company only use high quality LEDs, which will never burn out like other cheap plant lights within months, even weeks! GROWSTAR S series LED grow light adopts CREE COB LEDs, which is one of the BEST led chips in the market, combined with our originally developed 3000K COBs, can provide TRUE full spectrum (380nm-780nm) with much higher PPFD(Par output) and lumens than other common grow light fixtures. 

This series is designed for personal growing, which is suitable for indoor grow tent, room corner cabinet, closet and shelves. The plant lights are connected to each other, so you don't need a lot of sockets in the greenhouse and water growth room. If you plug the grow light into another light, it can also work well and will not affect the lighting effect of the grow light. We recommend that no more than 4 lights are connected to each chain. Also getting higher energy efficiency, and higher output than other brands of the same type of grow lights.

Mode S600
Input Voltage AC 100-240V
Power Draw 128±5 %W
Full Spectrum 380nm-780nm
Leds Quantity 56pcs High Intensity Double Chips 10watt Bridgelux/Epileds LED Chips + 2pcs x20w CREE COB
Dimentions  33.2 x 20.2 x 6.5 cm
Core Coverage at 12" 5.2 x 4.9ft 
Max Coverage at 24" 9.5 x 8.5 ft
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Personal Grow 2 x 2 ft
LEDs Angle 90 degree
HPS Replacement 600 watt
Daisy Chain 
Package Size(1pcs) 54 cm L x 42 cm W x 13 cm H
Item Weight  5.46lbs/2.48kg
Lifespan 50000hrs
Heatsink Aluminium
Warranty 5 years 


What's in the box:

  1x S600 LED Grow Light

  1x Hanging Kits + YoYo Hanger

  1x 6ft/1.8m Power Cord

  1x User Manual